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        捷捷微電 推出業界領先MOSFET類別產品 — JSFET?

        時間:2020-11-11 15:04 作者: 瀏覽:

        2020年11月11日 — 捷捷微電 推出了一類別技術領先的MOSFET產品。此次發布的 JMS 系列 MOSFETs 采用了最先進的自有 JSFET®  技術。該技術結合了 捷捷微電 國際化背景的研發設計及市場部精英,多年來在【器件設計、制造工藝、包裝、裝配、制造、可靠性、終端應用】等半導體核心領域的經驗及智慧。

        該類別的產品,采用行業領先的SGT技術,性能達到國際一流水準。利用主流8英寸晶圓量產的 JMS 系列,具耐壓范圍廣 (30 ~ 150V)、導通阻抗低 (1.2 ~ 9 mΩ) FOM  (47 ~ 423) 等特性,并采用貼片式封裝【PDFN3x3, PDFN5x6, TO252/263-3L】和直插式封裝【TO220/251-3L】。這些產品已在諸多終端(消費電子、工業、通信)中的電機驅動及電源開關應用方面,發揮巨大作用。這些應用對 MOSFET 的穩健性、熱效率、性價比的要求都非常高。

        目前 JMS 系列 MOSFETs 已大規模量產。如要采購或申請樣品,請聯系捷捷微電銷售部或已授權的經銷商。


        JieJie Microelectronics Announces JSFET® Family of MOSFETs

        Shanghai, November 11, 2020 - JieJie Microelectronics is launching a family of advanced SGT (split gate technology) MOSFETs. JSFET® is the state-of-the-art patented technology incorporated inside the JMS-series of MOSFETs.  The technology aggregates the expertise of the R&D and marketing personnel who had worked extensively at many world-renown power semiconductor vendors on key aspects like: device design, fabrication process, packages, assembly & manufacturing, reliability, understandings of the end-market applications, etc. Many parts in the JMS-series offer performance either equal to or better than the best from the other tier-1 power semiconductor vendors worldwide.

        Fabricated on the mainstream 8-inch wafers of state-of-the-art process node, the JMS-series of MOSFETs have been released to mass production. They offer maximum breakdown voltage (VDS_Max) at 30 ~ 150V, drain-to-source ON resistance (RDS(ON)_Typ) at 1.2 ~ 9.0 mΩ, and figure-of-merit (RDS(ON)_Typ*Qg_Typ) at 47 ~ 423. Housed in the thermally efficient through-hole packages such as [TO220/251-3L], and the low-profile surface-mountable packages like [PDFN3x3, PDFN5x6, TO252/263-3L], these MOSFETs offer tremendous values in many end-market applications. These include motor driving & power switching in the consumer, industrial and communication products for which robustness, thermal efficiency, and cost-performance index are deemed prominent.

        Availability - The JMS-series of MOSFETs have been available in production quantities from either the authorized distributors or the sales department of JieJie Microelectronics. Sample quantities can also be made available upon approval.



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